I'm ready to INVEST in my business & in myself!

A Test-Drive … with a HUGE ROI

Webinar-Only Pricing
Time-Limited: $997
for those who Invest within 72 hours


1-on-1 Private Business Diagnostic Assessment  

usually   $ 797

1-on-1 Strategic Goal-Setting & Strategic Planning Session 

usually $1,997

Four (4) 1-on-1 Private Follow-up Laser-Coaching sessions, following up to ensure you follow-through to reach your 90-day goals


Private 1-on-1 Business Performance Coaching spanning
two (2) months @ three (3) 1-on-1 private sessions/month

usual investment would be $4,594

Note: In fact, my “ongoing” clients who continue coaching with me after the end of their program invest $2,700/mo for 3 coaching sessions, so for 2 months (6 sessions), as this program is they invest $5,400 … and continue to do so for 3 – 12 years … so … the usual investment for 2 months of coaching with me? 



WRAR – Weekly Reflections & Achievements Review … weekly, from the moment we hang up the phone from the Business Diagnostic Assessment for your Business — our very first 1-on-1 private session together,

… so long as you complete this questionnaire and send it in to me, you will receive my feedback on it, in the form of support, more coaching, and definitely a response to your question(s) to me, within 48 hours.



The difference between being stressed & begrudging the minutes it takes to complete this simple questionnaire and … miraculously your week unfolds so smoothly that the end arrives so quickly & so profitably that you barely even noticed the hiccups, starting with the very first day when you get out of bed, knowing your direction of the day & the week, as well as all the resources you need to get you there. 

Value? YOU decide


For the first (1st) three (3) Investors in this Test-Drive programMy 3-in-30 recorded Group Program
You’ll have the training where we Focused on getting three (3) more

    • jobs;
    • projects;
    • contracts;
    • house deals;
    • bananas … whatever it was that the clients in the program sold …

you’ll be able to follow this very training and hear exactly how others closed sales very unexpectedly and in less time than 30 days. A great primer for the work we’ll do together over the next 2 months.

Investment at the time of this program $997

Value? What’s the value to YOU of 3 contracts / customers?